How do you think to start with a VR kiosk? With the fast development of entertainment and society, it’s a great idea to open a VR kiosk to make money. VR games and movies bring us an immersive feeling and enhance the experience. Besides, a VR kiosk is good to set up in shopping malls, clubs, and movie theaters. Today, I want to share a nice VR booth with you. Hope it will give you good ideas to arrange your booth layout.

VR kiosk

19ft by 10ft VR kiosk design

We can see in the design, that this VR kiosk includes VR divers, an advertising area, and display stands. Starters can use it as a pop-up shop to promote VR services and enhance the brand theme. We can see one side has a traffic jam-shaped VR set, which looks attractive, and provides different feelings to clients.

VR set kiosk

The screen is set at the top to guide people through your mall booth. While the middle area is an advertising stand, merchants can play video ads to make people learn more about your service. Besides, at the front side is a display stand with open shelving. Brochures and related VR displays can be displayed here. The other side has curved VR sets, allowing 2 people to enjoy VR services together.

VR booth

Protect flooring is very important for both VR sets and massage kiosks. We can use gray wooden surface flooring for the whole VR kiosk. It makes your booth stand out and makes people notice to enter your shop. Besides, wooden floor is easy to maintain and merchants can hide wires and main sockets underneath the floor. So the kiosk will look clean and leave a deep impression on clients.

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