Are you looking for a mobile food cart for business? Mobile food carts become popular among poeple because it’s a great idea to open business. Here is a nice food cart design to share with you. It’s good to sell cepes, wales, and snacks. It’s for a customer from Sweden, you can make it based on your ideas.

food carts

Description of cepe kiosk cart

This food cart is good for both mall and outdoor uses. You can also place a coffee machine to use as a coffee cart. No matter what is your business, we can make it meet your demands.

  • Size: 200cm×60cm×2m
  • Color: Brown wooden color
  • Material: Plywood with lamination, metal tube, stainless steel, artificial stone, wheels

food carts

Details of food stall

We can see the front has 3 spotlights, which highlight the shop theme and makes the crepe cart looks better. The countertop has space for machines. Merchants work here and pass food to clients. Both two sides have hydraulic panels to increase showcase and work area. There are 4 metal frames that support the big roof. The decorated roof is in a curve shape and looks very attractive.

food carts

Brand logo under the roof to show your shop theme and business to the public and leave a deep impression. Advertising and menu hang here, they can guide people to order meals. You can also create new dishes to make your shop fresh. The back area has a locked cabinet and drawers for storage. The counter table uses black artificial stone, increasing the food shop level.

If you need a mall cart, fast food kiosk, or outdoor food booth. Contact us now. Our designer and manufacturer team will help you customize it.