Are you looking for a coffee kiosk to earn money? The cafe bar counter mainly uses to sell coffee and drinks. The popular colors of the coffee kiosk are dark brown or yellow, which highly reflect the brand theme and products. Today, I want to share a nice coffee kiosk with you. It’s a classic style that many owners like. This coffee kiosk is for customers from Suriname.

coffee bar

Introduction of a coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk needs a remote location, like a coffee stand at the mall. A water sink is set on the front counter of a coffee bar. Besides, the curved corner counters avoid hurting visitors by accident. One counter side has a tall display cabinet with a logo double side light box painting. Brand logo and yellow line decorations surround the kiosk to make it look better. The site has a large machine with topping to provide coffee and food. The door opens at the back wall. You can add logos and posters on the wall for advertising.

coffee counter

Material information

We can use MDF as the primary material to build the coffee counter. The surface material is a glossy baking paint finish with a brilliant smoothie effect. High-level the coffee shop theme. Other materials include stainless steel, light box painting, acrylic, and 8mm tempered glass on the top counter to protect clients and the working area. Plywood with laminate is also suitable for making food kiosks, as it is high-strength, waterproof, moisture-proof, and durable. Most food kiosk uses stone counter for better usage.

More unique coffee cart option

coffee kiosk

Real produce photos show

We can see the completed coffee cart effect in the finished photos. Our sales team will update product progress regularly for your confirmation. QC team at Mall-Kiosk helps with production progress from start to end. And we will test the kiosk before packing and delivery. That’s to make sure everything works well.

coffee counter coffe booth