How about starting a business with a crepe kiosk? Crepe kiosks, pancake kiosks, and waffle kiosks are popular fast food booths among poeple. The crepe kiosk has a logo, posters, a reception counter, and a storage cabinet. Business people can choose to customize kiosks to fit their business. Today, I want to introduce a crepe kiosk to you. It suits small investment business plans.

modern kiosk

Introduction of a small kiosk

This fast food kiosk size is 2m by 2m, includes counters on three sides, and leaves an entrance door on the left side. We can place a cashier register on the front counter. And a corn steamer set near the tall brand logo wall. It’s convenient for poeple to order and pick up food. Besides, the left-hand counter has a double crepe machine for work. The refrigerator is under the counter for usage. We can also add colorful strips to decorate the food counter.

small kiosk

The back counter has a water sink and espresso machine set on the table to provide more food and drinks for sale. There is a taller panel to protect the equipment from falling. It’s also good to attach posters and menus here. We can also attach light logos on the counter body for advertising and attracting people.

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modern kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the reality kiosk effect in the completed food kiosk photo. Our workers build the wooden kiosk body according to the confirmed 3D design drawing. Then do surface treatment when the wood counter is ready. The electrician connects the lights and wires well for convenient usage. Finally, we will install the cabinet doors, brand logos, and water sinks.

crepe booth crepe cabinet

Material details

  • Primary materials: MDF with baking paint
  • Toe kicking: Stainless steel
  • Countertop: Artificial stone
  • Other materials: Acrylic logo, light box painting, light lamp, hardware, etc