This is a cell phone kiosk used in shopping malls. The picture shows the structure of the cell phone cabinet. This is the front and side of the cell phone cabinet. We can see the logo and the lightbox. Logos and light boxes are signs that belong to your business.cell phone kioskAt the same time, in order to make it convenient for customers to buy products, we will set up mobile phone display cabinets on the wall of the cell phone cabinet and install light strips inside the display cabinets. So, the mobile phone display case we see is very bright. At the same time, Inside the cell phone cabinet, there have many cabinets that can store items, and the specifications of the cabinets are different.

cell phone kiosk


This cabinet is made of MDF and baking paint, so we can see that the cabinet is very shiny and the surface is very smooth. At the same time, because the bottom of the cabinet is easy to wear, we will add stainless steel feet at the bottom, and install light strips at the positions of the feet, so we can see that the bottom of the cabinet will glow and look very beautiful.
Other accessories: lock, hardware, stool, etc

More information

Size: 3 x 2 meters

Color: White

Design time: 2-3 days

Design fee: 300 USD

Production time: 22-26 days

Mode of transport: air, sea, land transport.  We’ll choose the mode  according to your requirements

Packing: We’ll use wooden cases for packing

How to place an order

1 Select the product according to your needs and contact our sales. We will recommend the product style you like according to your requirements. Our design team will design a 3D model for you
4 Modify the 3D model according to your idea, including color, material, lightbox, poster, size, etc
5. We will make a construction drawing, including a floor plan, circuit diagram, detail diagram, etc
6. Confirm production. You need to pay half of the product amount, and then we will arrange the production
7. You need to pay the remaining balance after the production is completed
8 we’ll pack  in wooden cases
9 Arrange transportation according to your requirements. We can choose to ship by sea, air, or land