This is a bubble tea kiosk used in the mall. We can see from the picture what this bubble tea kiosk looks like. The overall color of the kiosk is white, with wood grain as decoration on the wall to make the kiosk look more special. There is a lounge area on the side of the kiosk, and there are four lounging areas available for customers.



bubble tea kioskIn addition, we can see that this kiosk has a lot of machines, depending on your business, and if you need to start a bubble tea business, you’ll usually need a juicer, a freezer, an ice cream scoop, a coffee machine, and so on. In addition to the equipment, a complete kiosk also includes the electrical system and water system to ensure the normal supply of water and electricity. We can see the kiosk dual pool sink and there will be a water system underneath the sink. At the same time, you only need to plug it in to use the device.


We can see that there are two light boxes on the front of this kiosk. The height of the two light boxes is not the same, and there are different patterns on the light boxes, which looks very beautiful. The lightbox is a convenient setup for both drink patterns and menus.


If you are starting a business, the logo is the name of your business. We can see that there is a circular luminous logo on the wall of the bubble tea kiosk. This logo belongs to you and can leave a good first impression on customers.

Other information

Size: 3*4.5M
Main materials: MDF plus baking paint
Other materials: tempered glass, stainless steel kicker, led soft light belt
Color: White with wood grain
Design time: 2-3 working days
Design amount: $300

Bright spot

1 The kiosk is designed in white with wood grain and looks beautiful
The 2kiosk has a lounge area to attract more customers
3 Enough space

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