What do you think about starting a candy booth in the shopping mall? Everyone has a sweet tooth because candy is a delicious treat that adults and children love. It’s profitable to open an attractive candy booth in the shopping mall. Now, I want to introduce a nice candy kiosk to you. It’s for a customer from South Africa.

candy booth

Information of candy kiosk

We choose yellow and green colors to decorate the candy kiosk, looks eye-catching and creative. Merchants put candy boxes with trays on the countertop, which is convenient for consumers to purchase and order. The counter has open shelving with a round candy display, while the bottom has a sliding cabinet for storage. On the side is the reception counter, along with the cash register and the brand image wall. It is for better usage and leaves clients with a deep impression.

candy counter

Lighting strip design: According to the owner’s idea, we add a light strip on the top with metal tube support. It makes the dessert kiosk look better and can show products in a better way. Besides, there is a white border on four sides, which ensures sure the candy box doesn’t move.

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Candy kiosk

More information

  1. Size: 300cm by 200cm, the standard size in the shopping mall.
  2. Primary material: We use MDF with the baking paint surface. And stickers attach to the finish to make it looks unique.
  3. Other materials: White artificial stone, stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, metal frame support, light strip, and hardware
  4. Design idea: This candy kiosk design is according to the client’s requirements. Our design team can also add new elements to make it convenient for usage.
  5. Design time: 3-5 work days. Merchants can make adjustments if needed, and our design team will update them to the design drawing.
  6. Produce time: About 26 working days. Workers build the sweet kiosk following the confirmed construction drawing, so you should double-check the design before production.