The reception desk is essential for a retail shop and offices. No matter what kind of products you sell, you can choose an excellent reception kiosk to start. Here is a high-end reception desk sharing with you. It’s used at a lighting shop in the USA. It’s designed according to the client’s needs based on unique requirements.

reception cabinet

Information about the reception desk

The reception desk size is 350cm long; the side size is 210cm. It looks like a large C shape, which is very convenient. The front side has warm light decorations, and the kicking also has light to highlight the shop theme and leave a deep impression on people. We mainly use dark and brown colors for the desk, reflecting the company concept. There is a yellow light surrounding the counter to make the wooden kiosk look better.

reception desk

The back is a working counter with a drawer and cabinets. It allows four people to work together. There are covers near the computer; you can store items here and put a cashier register drawer. It has moveable shelving at the bottom, and you can place items here when working. It has enough space for legs.

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reception counter

Produce photos

We can see the final effect of the reception desk of the indoor kiosk. That shows the clients who can consult information and get documents from the top layer.  The bottom layer is for work.

reception counter

Back side effect as this photo, you can also see how it looks during production. We can make it for you if you have any ideas about the reception counter. We have a professional design team to create 3D MAX designs to your requirements. The workers focus on the production process and ensure quality. Whenever you plan to start a business, contact us and get more unique reception desk ideas.

reception booth