Snack kiosks are popular in the shopping center because it is suitable to sell all kinds of food. We can make it in unique shapes and multiple colors to meet the brand culture. Merchants can put machines in the proper locations for work. Today, I want to share a nice snack kiosk with you, hoping to get more snack kiosks with you.

snack kiosk

Introduction of snack kiosk

We can see in the kiosk design this snack kiosk size is 3m by 3m. It has a glass display showcase, dining counter with chairs, brand logo, posters, and brand logo. We can arrange them in a suitable area to leave a deep impression on people. It combines dark wood, yellow and white colors to get a nice shop effect. Materials include plywood, laminate, stainless steel logo, 8mm tempered glass, metal tube support, etc.

snack kiosk

Layout information

The front counter uses for checking bills and pick up food. People can set up a cashier register here. The counter body has attractive posters with logo, which vividly shows delicious food to clients. The back side has an espresso machine and a beverage machine at the corner, and it has an extension counter for clients to sit down. Another two sides have glass display counters with multiple layers, which is better for showing food to clients. We can attach a golden stainless steel logo on the top ceiling, which vividly promotes business to clients.

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snack kiosk

How to order snack kiosks from Mall-Kiosk?

The first step is to make a snack kiosk design. Merchants can tell us the measurements and your ideas. The design team will draw a 3D design soon. Secondly is to produce the snack counters as a 3D design and install them well in the showroom. Finally, we will test and clean the food kiosks so people can receive the ideal food booth for business.