Sweet kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall, it’s good to sell all kinds of dessert and sweet food. Such as bulk candy, nuts, lollipops, chocolate, … It’s a great idea to purchase a simple and modern kiosk design. High level the shop theme and can better show the products well. Today, I want to share a nice sweet kiosk with you.

Candy booth

Introduction of sweet kiosk

As we can see the sweet kiosk color is white combined with golden decoration. The brand sign uses a golden metal frame to increase a high-end shop theme. Combined with yellow kick LED light, it creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere. It occupies a location of 3m by 2m, we can also customize it to suit your location sizes.

Sweet counter

There are multiple layers of display cabinets, merchants can put acrylic boxes to show items. So that the consumers can view and buy candies directly. Behind is a locked cabinet door with moveable shelving for storage. While the cashier counter has a panel to cover and protect the register. The corner counter at the side has a taller countertop. It’s convenient to pack items after checking. Check candy kiosk designs

Candy kiosk

Produce photos show

We can see the sweet kiosk effect below after installation in the shopping center. It attracts people and can better promote your business. People from all directions can view your business. There is LED light decorates the kiosk frame and makes it look better.

Candy counter dessert cabinet

The primary material is MDF with baking paint finishes. It will have a brilliant and smooth surface effect, and reflect the candy and products well. Other materials include stainless steel, LED light lamp, metal, acrylic logo, etc. If you need a nice cotton candy kiosk, contact us soon.