A glass kiosk is useful in a shopping center. It is good to show all kinds of products, such as cell phones, boutiques, jewelry, and superiors. No matter how unique of mall kiosk you want, we can get a great effect with glass cases.  Today, I want to share a nice glass showcase booth with you.

Description of glass kiosk

The size is 10ft by 1oft, the main color is high glossy white. We can see there are glass cabinets surrounding the booth. It has LED lights on the cabinet layers, which makes people notice the items wtechnicalitye are different levels of decoration panels on the surface, increasing a sense of technical.

glass kiosk

The layout of the glass display showcase

From the design photo, we can see there are L shape counters at 4 corners. The middle area has a display cabinet with the brand logos and posters, it total has 2 layers. The is a cashier counter place behind the tall panel. Which hides the POS system for safety security. You can also add a brand logo and posters there. It’s also good to use as a gift kiosk.

glass kiosk


The main material is MDF with glossy baking paint. Looks very attractive and gives people a good effect. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass showcases with LED light lamps. The toe kick material is stainless steel, which protects the portable kiosk and can get a good effect. Learn more information about unique phone kiosks.

glass kiosk

How to make a mall retail kiosk?

The first step is to talk details about mall booth requirements. Includes kiosk sizes, layout, materials, style, etc. It’s necessary for a customize retail kiosk. And make sure you will get what you want. The second step is to make the 3D design. The 3D design shows the real looks of the glass display directly. Merchants can even modify it somewhere when in need. Finally, produce the custom kiosk, and you can get it for business.