What color do you like for the ice cream kiosk? Every brand has unique color combinations, that reflect the shop theme and as a symbol of the brand. Mall kiosk has a professional design team, we can help you make unique kiosk colors and designs. Here is a colorful and attractive ice cream kiosk sharing with you.

ice cream shop

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk color is green with colorful strip decorations, looks attractive and high levels the shop theme. Size is 3m by 2m, this ice cream kiosk has space for an ice cream machine, working counter, brand logo wall, etc. It is good to start a dessert kiosk business and promote a brand theme. It’s a good idea to use it as a first business.

ice cream counter

The front counter of the smoothie kiosk is space for 2 big ice cream machines, so poeple can purchase the ice cream directly. The bottom has colorful wall decoration, that makes sure machines are within the lease line and can also avoid accidental damage to counters and machines. Both side walls have lightbox posters to show the products and appeal to more clients to buy products.

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ice cream booth

The cash register is set in front of the high-image wall and faces the entrance so that the limited space can be fully utilized. We can attach the brand logo, posters, and menu on the panel to promote the shop theme. It’s also a great idea to attach posters on the back wall.

Real produce photos show

We can view the real effect from frozen yogurt kiosk production photos, that is what the owner will get to start the business. The production follows the confirmed ice cream kiosk design. Our workers will clean each counter and package it with foam and wooden boxes for shipping. If you plan to start a business, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry. We provide warm service for every client 7 days a week.

frozen yogurt kiosk ice cream kiosk