Wooden kiosks have become popular among people. It fits all businesses, including food industries, retail display products, and even beauty salon shops. Here is a nice wooden kiosk sharing with you. It is good to start a fast food and drink business, such as bubble tea, coffee, smoothies, pancakes, and fresh juice.

wooden kiosk

Description of wooden kiosk

This juice kiosk size is 4m by 3m. The primary material of the wooden kiosk is plywood with a solid wood strip surface. It has green grass to decorate the front corner counters. The countertop of the kiosk is white artificial stone, which not only looks great but is also easy to clean and maintain. To showcase your delicious juices and keep your workspace organized, the counter table is equipped with 8mm tempered glass. This allows customers to see the variety of drinks you offer while keeping them at a safe distance from the working area.

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crepe kiosk

Counter layout

The front counter has a topping counter with glass showcases, which it uses to place food accessories in different flavors. The brand logo is attached here to remind people of your business. In comparison, the left-hand side and back counter are used to place coffee machines, juicers, and a water sink. There is a plate outside the wall with a slogan and decorated lights. It is suitable for clients to sit down and enjoy drinks. The right-hand counter has two crepe machines. It is good to make pancakes and waffles.

bubble tea kiosk

Flooring and light

The pancake kiosk has black PVC flooring, which enhances the food shop. Led light set under the counter table, which increases the brilliance. It also makes your bubble tea kiosk look better. No matter when you plan to open a smoothie kiosk, contact us and get more ideas.