In our life, coffee, as a low-sugar, low-fat beverage, has been loved by people. This is a coffee cabinet designed by us, which is mainly used in shopping malls. From the side, this coffee cabinet has two glass cabinets to display cake. In the choice of afternoon tea, coffee, and cake are good choices.

coffee kiosk

From the front, the coffee cabinet has a cash register, and the front of the coffee cabinet is mainly used for customers to pay and wait in line. In addition, there is a sink and equipment behind the coffee cabinet. There’s usually a lot of locker inside the coffee cabinet, and this is where you can store it. There’s also a wall behind the coffee cabinet, and there are a lot of lightbox menus above the wall. The menu in this position is a very convenient setting for the customer.

coffee cabinet

The advantages

This coffee cabinet has a lot of decoration, chandeliers on the ceiling, and LED tubes. Lamplight is the tool that foils the atmosphere and can let the coffee ark look more beautiful. At the same time, the coffee cabinet has walls and ceiling, which makes the shape of the coffee cabinet look very special.


This coffee cabinet is made of plywood and fireproof board. So the coffee cabinet looks not only high-end but also very textured. Meanwhile, the coffee counter is made of artificial stone. Through processing, artificial stone mesa is a smooth and smooth effect. So this material is very suitable for coffee cabinets. In addition, there are lights, hardware accessories, stainless steel kicks, and other accessories
Among the choices of afternoon tea, coffee, and cake are good choices

More Information

Our designs incorporate your logo, posters as well as your slogan. Therefore, your cabinet is a unique idea. If you need to, you can contact us, we can help you realize your idea. If you want more references to coffee cabinets, you can click on the link below.