Do you like espresso? It’s a good idea to start a business with an espresso kiosk in the mall. Before starting, people can choose high-end, luxury, and retro expresso kiosk styles. No matter which theme you want, Mall-Kiosk can meet your demands. Here is an upscale espresso kiosk introduced to you.

Introduce of espresso kiosk

This espresso booth mainly uses to sell coffee and promoting brand themes. The kiosk size is 3m by 2m, which fits most mall booth locations. The coffee kiosk includes front counters and a back advertising wall with a roof. The primary color is black with wooden decoration. Looks very upscale and can enhance your brand image and product-added value. Materials include Plywood, lamination, wooden veneer, 3D logo, LED light, posters, and PVC flooring.

Espresso Kiosk

Service counter

The front counter has a wooden bar on the surface, and there are LED lights in the background, attracting the eye’s attention. There is a golden diamond decoration with acrylic. An espresso machine is set on the counter to make coffee for sale. Clients can taste coffee and remember your coffee well. Behind the counter has storage cabinets with moveable shelving for coffee beans.

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Espresso Kiosk

Roof and back wall

There is a big wall to support the decorated roof. Your brand logo attaches to the top for advertising. There is advertising linked to the wall to remind people of your business. It uses as a brand image wall. You can also attach a menu and add shelving to place more items. You can also use the beverage kiosk to sell juice and drinks.

Espresso Kiosk


Black flooring highly matches the shop theme and enhances the impression. You can also use a golden stainless steel floor edge to get a good effect. No matter when you need coffee and a food kiosk, contact us now. We can customize the mall kiosk as you need.