The tea kiosk is a good option to start a business. Businessmen can use it to sell smoothies, bubble tea, green tea, fresh juice, and beverages. Choosing a unique and wonderful bubble tea kiosk for business and a good choice. Today, I want to share a nice tea kiosk sharing with you.

Tea counter

Description of bubble tea kiosk

We can see the bubble tea kiosk size is 420cm by 220cm, it includes a display counter, service table, display showcase, brand logo, etc. The primary color is white with a semicircular strip decorative surface. Looks very high-end and has a modern effect. Materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, other materials include LED light lamps, acrylic logo, green plant decoration, and stainless steel. Learn more about beverage kiosk

tea booth

We can see the front counter has a reception desk near the entrance. The front counter has lightbox posters with LED light lamps to highlight the items. Glass showcases next to it to increase clients’ desire to buy. The middle counter has a water sink to keep the tea kiosk clean. And there are bubble tea tanks on the top to remind people of your business.

tea kiosk

The back side has display counters with higher wall, it is used as a workbench with machines. While the bottom has a lockable cabinet for storage. Besides, the outside wall has green grass decorations and brand logo signage. It makes the overall tea kiosk look good. Merchants can also show a TV player here for advertising. Whenever you are going to start a business, we can produce it for you.