Sweet candy kiosk has a significant market. Many poeple open a charming candy kiosk in the mall to earn money. Here is a nice candy booth to share with you. Like most candy shop displays, this candy kiosk has a display showcase area with acrylic boxes. It’s according to the client’s requirements from Malta. We can also make it fit your location size and ideas if you are interested.

sweet food kiosk

Introduction of candy kiosk

  • Size: 4m by 2m
  • Color: Combine colors with pink, orange, and white
  • Materials: MDF, baking paint, stainless steel, acrylic, lightbox, accessories, light box painting, etc.
  • Timeline: It takes about 3-5 work days to make the 3D design. About 22-28 work days for production.

Learn more about the food concession trailer

nuts display

We can see two display shelves with an acrylic box near the entrance. The corner has a light box painting to show posters and cabinets. Each layer has light boxes to offer all kinds of candies and nuts for sale. The left side has a cashier counter with a POS system; it’s convenient for clients to pay cash here. A brand logo is added at the middle counter of the nuts kiosk, while two ends have individual counters; you can place more items and advertise posters. Another side has a water sink counter with a tempered glass panel on the top. Besides, the bottom has colorful line decorations to make the candy and chocolate kiosk look better.

dessert showcase

Merchants can add lightbox posters inside the cabinets so that it is good to use and can also make the counter look better. Whenever you need candy kiosks for business, contact us now. We can customize a food kiosk for you soon. Mall-Kiosk has a professional design team and high-skill workers. I am sure you will get an ideal dessert kiosk from us and be satisfied with our service. Contact us now and learn more information.