Are you looking for a Starbucks kiosk for business? Everyone drinks Starbucks during their spare time. It can drive away tired and give us energy. It’s a good idea to open a Starbucks kiosk to earn money. Starbucks is a high-end coffee brand; it provides coffee, milkshakes, and snacks. The coffee shop creates a quiet and warm atmosphere where people can read, look, work, and relax. Today, I want to introduce a Starbucks kiosk to you.

Starbucks Kiosk

Description of Starbucks kiosk

  • Size: 4m by 2m
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Materials: Wooden panel, Plywood, metal tube, stainless steel, light box logo, tile, tempted glass, etc.
  • Usage: Good to make and sell coffee, bread, fast food, and snacks.
  • Location: It is suitable for shopping mall locations against walls or connecting corridors.

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Starbucks kiosk

We can see from the design drawing that this Starbucks booth has a working counter, display showcase area, back wall, and roof. It has a high-end and luxury shop effect. You can also add brand logos, menus, and posters in a suitable area for advertising. The front counter has glass showcases and a service counter. Artificial stone in black color is attached to the countertop for better usage. Behind the coffee kiosk, it has a working counter with a coffee machine and water sink. The giant wall can show menus and advertising to provide order guidance.

Starbucks Kiosk


This beverage kiosk has a big roof at the top and multiple panel decorations, making the whole snack stall look good. Posters are set at the front with three spotlights to luminously it. While signage is set at the side to remind people of your business. Metal tubes support the whole food kiosk and the high-level shop. You can also add ceiling light to make your shop and products outstanding.

Whenever you plan to start a business, opening a Starbucks kiosk is a great choice.