Do you plan to open a bread kiosk in the shopping center? A bread kiosk is a good place to sell all kinds of bread, bakery, and even cupcakes. You can also provide beverages, and coffee to attract more clients. Here is a nice food kiosk fit for mall usage. Let’s view more details together.

bread kiosk

Bread kiosk design

We can see in the design, that this bread kiosk mainly has red with wooden decoration. It looks very attractive and lovely. Materials include Plywood, lamination, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel kicking, artificial stone, etc. Don’t forget to put up posters in suitable areas as advertising. The acrylic brand logo and lightbox menu are also necessary to enhance the shop theme.

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cake kiosk

The size is 4m by 3m, that’s the most bakery kiosk sizes in the mall. If you have rented a place, just tell us the measurement, and we can help you make the same size you want. We can see there are stickers surrounding the counter body, showing delicious bread and food to attract poeple. LED light set under the countertop to highlight the bread shop, poeple will notice you when passing by.

bread kiosk

The constant temperature cabinet is very important for the bread booth. It can keep bread fresh and clients can also view and purchase it easily. There are glass panels surrounding the counter table. That aims to protect the machines, besides, clients will also keep away from food. Check out more bread kiosks here.

A water sink is set on the countertop for wash hands. If you have the necessary machines for work, pls tell us in advance, and we will help you find a good place for them. You can use cabinets with moveable shelvings inside for storage. If you have more ideas about bread kiosk decoration, contact us now. We will add them to your food kiosk design.