Do you like green tea and smoothies? It’s a good idea to open a tea kiosk to earn money. You can provide bubble tea, a smoothie, fresh juice, and food. Today, I want to share an excellent Kokee tea kiosk design. It is used in the USA, and we have many different styles for this brand. I hope it gives you more decoration ideas.

tea kiosk

Description of Kokee tea kiosk

This tea booth size is 4m by 3m, which fits the clients’ mall booth location. The tea stall includes a reception counter, a working table with cabinets, a machine counter, a brand logo image wall, a poster area, and a menu board. You can also add lighting to make the tea kiosk look excellent. Stainless steel kicking is critical to protect the food kiosk, and you can choose brushes or mirror steel effects. View more fresh juice kiosk design

bubble tea kiosk

The primary color of the tea and smoothie kiosk is black and white, looks very high-end, and reflects your items well. The site has a reception counter with 3D signage on the surface. The right corner has a large panel used as a menu board. That guides people to order food and drinks. You can also attach the brand logo for advertising.

bubble tea shop

In comparison, the two side counters of the bubble tea kiosks are used as working counters. The countertop has frosted glass to hide machines and keep clients away from the work table. In contrast, another side has an entrance—unique stickers and a luminous acrylic panel on the counter body used as decoration.

bubble tea booth

Produce photos show

From the product photos, we can see the natural effect tea booth and coffee kiosk. It shows the tea booth color, layout, and overall looks for business directly. Besides, merchants can add lighting, stainless steel, and posters on the stall to attract poeple. We can meet your demands no matter how unique the kiosk you want.

beverage cabinet