The bakery kiosk mainly displays and sells bakeries, cupcakes, bread, cakes, and even pizza. People can customize the bakery kiosk and make it fit their business. Today, I want to share a wooden bakery kiosk, hoping you can get more decoration ideas. We can also customize the food kiosk for you.

coffee kiosk

Introduction of bakery kiosk design

This bakery kiosk size is 5m by 2m and includes a glass display showcase and storage cabinet, brand logo, menu, reception counter, etc. The primary material is plywood with laminate finishes. Other materials include metal tubes, 8mm tempered glass, acrylic, lighting lamp, tile, wooden strip, etc. We can also use artificial grass to decorate the whole bakery kiosk and bread kiosk.

cake kiosk

Layout information

The front counter has multiple layers of L-shaped glass cabinet with round corners and space for ice cream equipment. Clients can view and purchase food directly. The entrance door has a panel at the top which can increase the workplace for convenient usage. Besides, the left hand has a reception counter. We can also make a display cabinet to show bread. The back counter has space for equipment and storage. The shopowner can also show items on the wall shelving and hang posters, logos, and menus here. Besides, behind are dining tables with a sofa and a round table for clients to sit down.

Looking for more coffee kiosk ideas

bakery kiosk

 Customize cake kiosk

This bread kiosk has many wooden strips decorating the counter, which looks high-end and increases a sense of nature. We can also use the light strip to show the products that can make people leave a deep impression on your store and service. The cake kiosk divides into several counters, so the owner can put each counter together and open it when receiving the food kiosks. If you need a cake kiosk, contact us. You can get more design ideas now.