The bubble tea kiosk is seen everywhere in the shopping mall. It’s necessary to open a bubble tea kiosk in the shopping mall. Merchants can add a bar counter with chairs for clients to sit down. You can also add service counters along with a working bench so that poeple can take it away. Here is an attractive bubble tea kiosk sharing with you.

boba kiosk

Introduction of tea kiosk

This tea kiosk size is 6m by 2.5m. It is more like a beverage shop, including a reception counter, topping bar counter, working space, machine area, bubble tea cup model, and brand image area. The primary color is a brown and white color with green color decoration. We can also use solid wood strips to make the bubble tea kiosk look better.

tea kiosk

Layout information

Consumers order milk tea at the middle of the counter because it has a cashier register along with the logo here. While the left side has frying equipment, and the right side has a topping bar with a glass cover. The corner has bubble tea cup models and vividly shows your business and products to clients. Merchants can also view it as crepe kiosks, coffee kiosks, and smoothie kiosks to make money because we can reserve space and sockets for equipment. Brand logo, posters, and wooden strip decorates the wall and makes the whole tea kiosk outstanding.

bubble tea kiosk

Real produce photos show

We can view the final tea kiosk effect of the bubble tea kiosk at our workshop. Workers make each counter individually because it is convenient for delivery and usage. The owner can connect each counter and connect wires between them. If you have any ideas, we can add them to your mall kiosk and get better design solutions.

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