It’s a good option to open a sunglass kiosk in the mall. The sunglasses kiosk is used to show glasses in a good way. They can also make full use of the new design drawing. Today, I want to share an excellent eyewear booth design with you. It is used in the UK mall. The colorful sunglasses kiosk helps gain more business.

sunglass kiosk

Introduction of sunglass kiosk

The sunglass kiosk has multiple glass cabinets and shelving, which is suitable for sorting out all kinds of sunglasses. It combines four colors in the cupboards: purple, pink, yellow, and white. Besides, a black metal frame supports the brand signage and mirror. Size is 6m by 3m, including open shelving, storage cabinets, and work counters. We can also customize it to suit the mall location area.

sunglasses kiosk

We can see two entrances at the mall kiosk; it has a display area facing the public, which attracts people to buy items from you. The back counter has storage cabinets with advertising. Mirror with LED light set at one corner, which is convenient for viewing eyewear effects. It also hides the work area. So the display showcase is on three sides, facing consumers. It’s good to show the most eyeglasses to clients, which they can select immediately to increase sales.

optical store design

Material effects

The counter layout and decoration are essential for a mall retail kiosk. You can make a kiosk design first to view the natural kiosk effect in advance.

  • Basic material: MDF
  • Surface material: High glossy baking paint
  • Logo: a 3D luminous acrylic logo
  • Other materials: Pink acrylic panels, stainless steel kicking, metal tube, LED light strip, mirror, flooring.

Produce effect

This sunglass kiosk is very complex in production, but it looks beautiful in reality. No matter how unique and luxurious a sunglass kiosk you need, get a good design solution from us. Our mall kiosk provides unique sunglass kiosk design, production, and installation work.

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