Are you looking for juice kiosk use in the shopping mall? Special and unique fresh juice kiosk is very popular among people. Today, I want to share a nice juice kiosk with you. It’s good to sell juice, bubble tea, and smoothies. Let’s view more details together.



This juice booth is mainly in the shopping mall and food court. It can sell different flavors of juice. From the picture, we can see vivid decorative plants on the wall of the juice cabinet. It makes the juice kiosk look very creative. Because in the mall of the commercial center, artificial plants attract eyes attention.


We can put up the brand logo and menu properly. So that people can view your business and purchase items properly. The brand logo is on the front and side of the juice cabinet. Besides, there are two menus on the stand of the beverage kiosk. Next to it is a cash register, very convenient for customers to order and pay. After placing an order, customers can go to the seating area with stools to rest. Because the dining counter with bar chairs is on the left side of the register. We will reserve enough space for cash registers, refrigerators, juice machines, and other machines. Check more options for the fruit kiosk.


Materials information

We will use plywood as the substrate and stick wood grain fireproof board on the surface. So the cabinet has the function of fire and moisture-proof. To make the cabinet more convenient to use, we will install a stainless steel sink in the cabinet. Don’t forget to install a water system under the sink when the mall water supply is far from your booth. A strong artificial countertop is convenient to use. It’s easy to clean and meet food grade. View more designs about juice kiosks