This is a juice cabinet used in an indoor mall. It can sell different flavors of juice. From the picture, you can see his appearance. There are some vivid decorative plants on the wall of the juice cabinet, which makes the juice cabinet look very creative. Because in the mall of the commercial center, plants are rare. At the same time, it can attract attention.


When designing the 3D model, we will add your logo and menu. We can see that there will be a logo on the front and side of the juice cabinet, and there are two menus on the stand of the juice cabinet. Next to it is a cash register, which is very convenient for customers to order and pay. After placing an order, customers can go to the seating area with stools to rest. Customers who have been shopping in the mall for a long time, like the juice kiosk very much.


There are cash registers, refrigerators, juice machines, and other machines in the juice booth. In addition, we will use plywood as the substrate and stick wood grain fireproof board on the surface. So the cabinet has function of fire and moisture-proof. In order to make the cabinet more convenient to use, we will install a stainless steel sink in the cabinet and install a water system under the sink. Therefore, this juice cabinet can store food, clean food, and make drinks.


Customized services

We can provide you with customized services according to your requirements, including changing the color, size, and material, adding your logo, poster, etc. Finally, we will design a 3D model to satisfy your requirements. This is your unique design.
If you need more references, please click on the link, there are many beautiful styles. If necessary, please contact us, thank you!