Are you looking for a customized coffee kiosk? Here you are in the right place. Mall Kiosk provides cafe kiosk design and production work. And the owner loves the design and recognizes the quality. It’s a great time to purchase a unique coffee kiosk to earn money. You can start a business at the shopping mall, food court, coffee store, fast food restaurant, and even near the park. Below is a wooden coffee kiosk introduced to you.

coffee kiosk

Introduction of the coffee kiosk

This coffee kiosk size is 8ft by 8ft, suitable for small booth locations or use as a coffee cart. We mainly use black with red wooden color looks very attractive and high level the shop theme. The primary material is plywood with a laminate surface. Other materials include 8mm clear glass, stainless steel kicking, light box painting, etc. We can also attach the brand logo on the shop’s front panel.

coffee cabinet

Layout informaiton

We can view the front counter as a reception area with a cashier register. Poeple order and pick up coffee here. Bhind is a larger space for a refrigerator with a wall and sneeze guard on the top of the beverage kiosk. It is separate with a tall panel from the reception counter. On the right-hand side, we can use it as a working counter, so a coffee machine is set here for better usage. Besides, the back wall has a light box painting that shows delicious coffee to poeple. The entrance door is in the middle for easy access.

coffee booth

Counter decoration

We can see fence decorations on the tea kiosk, which makes the coffee kiosk look better, and we can also add a logo here. Therefore, clients can view your business from all directions. Besides, we can also add models on the counter body to make it unique.