Are you looking for a coffee cart for business? There are many different styles of coffee carts. It’s good to use in the shopping center and even the street. Today, I want to introduce an excellent coffee cart to you. It uses wooden and black color uses in Saudi Arabia. Here is an awesome design drawing with you.

coffee cart

Introduction of coffee cart

This coffee stand includes two parts, a working table, and an individual counter. The primary color is wooden and black with warm light decoration, looks attractive, and indicates the kiosk design. Size is 1.6m by 0.5m, and 2m tall. It has a brand logo on the surface, and three lights are at the bottom to highlight the food booth. The countertop has a display machine and a coffee machine to prepare food and drink. You can also attach the brand name on the roof so everyone can view it directly. The back counter has a locked cabinet. And a rubbish cabinet near it to keep the environment clean.

Coffee trailer design ideas

coffee cart

And the individual counter size is 0.8m by 0.6m. It mainly uses to help people order coffee and food and can also use as check bills. It also has wheels at the bottom and can move to different locations. The back side has drawers and cabinets to increase the storage area.

coffee cart

Material Introduction

  • Primary material: Plywood with wooden lamination
  • Counter table: Artificial stone in black color
  • Other materials: Stainless steel kicking, metal tube, acrylic logo, LED light lamp, hardware, lock

No matter when you plan to open a coffee cart or coffee kiosk, we can customize it for you. We have a professional design team and highly technical workers to build a coffee kiosk for you.