Toys and dolls appeal to kids because they can satisfy children’s curiosity while enriching childhood life. And educational toys can help children develop intelligence. It’s a nice design to start a business with kids’ toy kiosks in the mall. Parents can also accomplish kids to play. I am sure you will gain a lot of attention and earn money.

toy kiosk

Description of the toy kiosk

We can see in the design, that this toy kisok is made up of wood. It has home-style displays that look attractive and lovely. As it uses in the open area of the shopping mall, you can add retractable doors on both sides. They are closely spaced like a fence and have a “V” shaped top to enhance the design.

toy kiosk

Counter information

This wooden toy kiosk includes 2 display showcases and looks like a retail toy shop with talk way in the middle. All display shelving has double-sided displays. Which can place more products and allows customers to select items well. The bottom has drawers for storage. All the shelves have LED lights to increase the brightness. The front side of “Homestyle” cabinets use as a sales window, clients can view your business and shop theme from a far distance. The brand name and logo attach here to deepen the impression.

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toy kiosk

The floor is very important for mall retail kiosks, it’s part of mall booth design. We can see there is green grass decoration on the floor, which looks like a kiosk on the lawn, creating a store atmosphere that is close to nature and comfortable.

No matter how special and unique of toy shop theme you want. We can help you come true. Because our excellent design team will show the overall toy kiosk design directly. The construction team will produce it following the confirmed design to make sure you receive what you want.