Do you plan to open a beverage kiosk in the shopping mall? Here is a great chance. The beverage has huge target clients and large markets, both adults and teenagers like beverages. It’s a profitable idea to open a beverage shop. Purchasing a unique beverage counter helps you gain more customers. Let’s view more details about the juice kiosk together.

beverage kiosk

Introduction of beverage kiosk

As we can see in the design, this beverage kiosk decorates with yellow colors and yellow lights. It makes your shop outstanding, people will also relate your products to healthy drinks. Customer-approved brand concepts and healthy images are more likely to be successful. It looks like an oval shape with a cashier counter, display showcase, and working area.

juice kiosk

The front counter has a cashier register with a large light box logo, so poeple will notice you and remember your business. However, the topping counter was set aside, allowing people to view your items.  The Center has a large advertising wall with taps behind it. Stainless steel water sinks on the top to keep the counter clean. Machines place in a suitable location to make full use of the space. We can also add a fan-shaped display cabinet according to the arc of the counter. It has 3 layers in total to place more items. Mall drinks kiosk designs

beverage kiosk

Material Introduction

The main material is MDF Panel, it can make unique shapes and has a loading capacity. The surface treatment is high glossy baking paint. It has bright looks and a smoothies touch. 8mm tempered glass makes the showcases, and a glass panel can also add to the countertop to avoid cough. Stainless steel kicking to protect the kiosk from accident hurt. You can also add an LED light to create a warm and relaxed feeling. Whenever you need a beverage kiosk, contact us now.