Vape kiosks help display and store cigarettes and products. Most people like to smoke because they think cigarettes can help them forget their worries and relax. Today, an excellent vape kiosk is used in the mall in Honduras, USA. Let us view the the details together.

Vape kiosk

Description of vape kiosk

This vape kiosk has multiple layers of glass cabinets, which can show more items here. Size is about 2.5m by 2.5m. The vape booth has curved corners to enhance the mall kiosk design. It can also avoid sharp angles. Each shelving has an LED light to highlight the products. In the middle, there is a high panel with a TV player. A customized luminous logo can attach to the reception counter, which looks luxurious and attractive.

Vape kiosk

More information

  • Color Options: This vape kiosk uses red color with yellow decoration. The inside cabinet door and countertop are white and look attractive. Merchants can choose the colors that match their shop theme and brand image.
  • Material Details: We use high-density MDF to build the glass kiosk body, which is a smoothie and can make unique shapes. The surface treatment is a bright glossy baking painting that is high-level of the vape shop theme and makes people notice when passing by. 8mm clear tempered glass shows the vapes to clients, and convenient for clients to select what they want. Other materials include LED light, a 3D acrylic logo, and stainless steel kicking.

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Vape kiosk

Produce photos show

People can understand our service and work from real produce photos. We will also take pictures and videos to show the details during production. Besides, retailers can also make it a toy kiosk to earn money.

Vape kiosk Vape kiosk

Feedbacks from clients

The owner likes them very much when receiving them. Contact us before opening a vape booth. We have a professional team to do kiosk design and produce work

Vape kiosk