Usually, the cosmetic cabinet we see is placed in the window. We need to walk into the shop to see its appearance. And this cabinet you can see it’s different from other cosmetic cabinets, that’s what makes it special 

Cosmetic cabinet description 

This is a cosmetic cabinet for indoor use. As can be seen from the picture, this cosmetic cabinet consists of two identical cosmetic cabinets with many white storage cabinets. The site is also a white locker, which doubles as a cashier for the staff.



Cosmetics can also be placed on the outside of the cosmetics cabinet. The cuboids on both sides have light boxes, which can attract people’s attention. In addition, there will also be the Alec logo on the front and side, and cosmetics can be placed on the sides of both sides.


Bright spot

1. As can be seen from the picture, the makeup cabinet has a special shape, low outside, and high inside. This setting can make it easy for others to be attracted to cosmetics. And make it more accessible to customers. 

2. The color inside the cabinet is white, which shows very high-end cosmetics against the light. 

3. the space utilization rate is high. Cosmetics are placed on the front and side of the cosmetic cabinet to increase the space utilization rate.


This cosmetic cabinet is made of MDF as the base material and the surface is treated with lacquer, so it looks very shiny in this cosmetic cabinet. The cabinet is covered with wood grain fire boards. 

More information 

Size: 6000*2000*2000 mm 

Color: White 

Style: High-end, beautiful 

Design: The design deposit is 300 dollars, which will be returned to you when we place the order. 

Terms of payment:50% deposit, 50% balance before delivery. 

If you need, you can contact us, thank you!