Are you looking for a glass kiosk to earn money? It’s good to sell beauty items such as perfume, cosmetics, skin care products, etc. With the fast development of society, perfumes become popular in our daily lives. Today, I want to share a nice perfume kiosk share with you. It has glass showcases on the countertop and can also show items in a good way.

Perfume kiosk

Custom perfume kiosk design

The perfume kiosk size is 3m by 3m with glass display showcases to display perfumes. Individual glass cabinet and storage cabinet. It’s good to show perfumes in a good way and can also store more items for sale. The main materials include MDF with glossy matte baking paint in black color, mirror effect stainless steel frame in golden color and tempered glass, etc. We can also use lightbox posters and attach LED lights to increase the brilliance. View open kiosk design

Perfume counter

Layout plan

We can see the front counter is a large display counter with square counters at the side corners. Consumers can see the purchased items in a good way. The right-hand side has a glass showcase and individual counter uses for checking bills. Merchants can set up tempered glass near the entrance with lightbox posters behind to attract poeple.

Perfume booth

However, the rest side counter is used as a wall cabinet to show high-level items. It also has lock cabinets at the bottom for storage. The countertop can be used as a workbench to pass perfumes. We can see the inside is a column display stand with open shelving. Brand sign on the top ceiling to remind poeple of your business. It can increase the display showcase area.

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Perfume showcase

The stainless steel logo with backlit makes the perfume kiosk look outstanding and can also reflect the whole shop theme well. We can also add light lamps to decorate the kiosk. If you have a new idea about a perfume kiosk, contact us to get more perfume kiosk designs.