How do you think to start with a perfume kiosk to earn money? Perfume kiosks become popular among poeple. It is a good place to display all kinds of perfumes for men, and women. Merchants can also use it to enhance brand themes and concepts. Whenever you are ready to start a perfume business, this golden and black glass kiosk is a good choice. Let’s learn more information below.

perfume showcase

Customize perfume kiosk design

We can see this perfume kiosk size is 4m by 2m, it can be customized to suit special location sizes. It has different heights of glass showcases, good to show perfumes for clients to purchase. There is hollow golden decoration underneath each glass showcase, making the whole retail booth look outstanding.

Perfume kiosk

The retail perfume kiosk is surrounded by glass showcases. The glass cabinets on the top with an LED light lamp. Each perfume has a white base to indicate your perfumes. While the glass showcase is a display counter, businessmen can put samples here. While the corner has 4 individual square showcases in different heights. It is good to show valuable or new arrival perfumes to attracts poeple.

Perfume showcase

The backside counter has a tall tower display in the middle with a brand sign on the top. The Inner has space for a cashier register. Bottom lock cabinet used to store items. We can also use white LED light lamps to decorate the counters. Under-counter light not only highlights the perfumes but also makes the overall shop theme look good. Besides, purchasing high-level materials to build the perfume kiosk, you will have an upscale shop theme. It will also leave a good impression on consumers. If you have different kiosk decoration ideas, contact us now. We will customize a nice perfume booth for you.