Do you like a unique-style coffee kiosk? If you are looking for a nice coffee kiosk, don’t miss this round-shaped booth design. It’s good to sell espresso, beverages, and snacks. This mini cafe kiosk is perfect for those who want to add a touch of warmth and charm to their space. It also provides a comfortable spot for customers or guests to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Let’s learn more about mini cafe kiosk design.

Coffee kiosk

Introduction of the coffee bar counter

A coffee kiosk with a round layout and brown wood finishes catches the eye of any passerby. The coffee kiosk features a white brand logo wall. It serves as a backdrop and draws attention to the coffee machine that sits inside. The coffee machine is the centerpiece of the coffee stand kiosk, where baristas work their magic to create delicious coffee drinks.

coffee counter

The espresso kiosk also has a lock cabinet that ensures the safety of valuable equipment and supplies. The cabinet has a two-layer countertop. The top layer has a glass panel used as a dining table. So, clients can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee. Besides, the bottom layer is designed for the work area. Employees can prepare coffee here and help consumers order. You can also attach the posters and menu on the front of the cashier register counter for advertising.

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coffee bar counter

Its unique round shape and brown wood finishes add a touch of elegance. While the brand logo wall and glass table provide a modern touch. With its convenient features and eye-catching design, this coffee kiosk is sure to please both baristas and coffee lovers alike. Whenever you need a coffee kiosk, contact us for more details. Our professional design team can make 3D designs for you. Workers will also build the same kiosk style you want.