Are you looking for a nice espresso kiosk to earn money? The espresso kiosk is very popular among people during their spare time. Because its special taste makes people feel relaxed. Today, I want to share a nice espresso kiosk with you. Merchants can use it in the shopping mall, food court, and even food restaurants. Let’s view more information together.

Espresso kiosk

Description of espresso kiosk

The espresso kiosk color is brown with black decoration. Combines with wooden strip decoration, high level the shop theme and matches the products well. It is good to sell coffee, beverages, drinks, etc. It’s also a good idea to add a display showcase to provide more food. Materials include Plywood with a brilliant wood surface. Stainless steel kicks protect the whole kiosk from accidents. An acrylic logo with a backlit reminds poeple of your business well.

Coffee kiosk

We can see the front counter has a display counter along with a cashier register, poeple can order and pick up coffee here. While the right-hand side has a dining table with bar chairs. The Inner has a lock cabinet used to restore items. The back counter has wall decoration, it not only sets brand signage but also increases a sense of design. It also protects the equipment from consumers’ touch. Water sink and blender equipment are placed here for better usage. The left-hand side has a wooden swing door as the entrance. Check out more coffee kiosks

Cafe counter

Adding additional tables and chairs at the front of the espresso kiosks, helps people to sit down and enjoy coffee. I am sure poeple are likely to sit down and have a cup of coffee. Carpet used to separate mall floor from kiosk counters, you can also choose a wooden kiosk floor that matches the espresso booth theme. Wires can also hide under the floor.