The bubble tea kiosk is a good place to sell tea, bubble tea, juice, smoothies, milkshakes, and beverages. A high-end and luxury bubble tea kiosk plays a big role in business. It is not only a booth to provide bubble tea for clients to buy but also attracts the eyes’ attention. Merchants can also decorate the bubble tea kiosk to create a natural and healthier atmosphere. Here is a nice tea kiosk sharing with you. Let’s view more details together.

Tea booth

Description of tea kiosk

We can see the overall tea kiosk uses brown wooden finishes with grass decoration, giving people a natural and environmentally friendly feeling. It needs a location of 4m by 2m, with a service counter, storage cabinet, brand logo, and menu. So people can use it well for business.

tea cabinet

We can see the front counter has a display counter with a glass showcase, which is good for displaying food and drinks. Near it is a counter in the corner for checking bills. A TV player is set here to remind people of your business and help with purchases.

The back side is used as a working bench with machines on the countertop. We will also place bubble tea machines, water sinks, and fridges properly. Which helps increase work efficiency. Behind is an advertising wall and an acrylic logo, which attracts eyes attention when people pass by.

tea counter

The materials include plywood with solid wood finishes, which looks luxurious and can high-level the tea shop theme. Other materials include stainless steel kick, acrylic logo, light box painting, etc. If you are looking for a bubble tea kiosk, contact us and get more nice designs.