The toy kiosk is the perfect option for entrepreneurs who love to imagine and create. We make it look like a bus, with a vibrant and playful ambiance that will transport you straight into a world of fun and wonder. The toy booth is perfect for selling toys, games, and other items that will delight children of all ages. Let’s learn more information together.

Toy kiosk

Introduction of kids’ toy booth

The kids’ toy kiosk is a unique and attractive kiosk to resembles a bus design. It is a perfect fit for any shopping mall, or retail store looking to add a touch of fun and excitement to their kids’ section. The front of the toy kiosk is in the shape of a car head. It is very eye-catching and can well promote the product. The carriage part is mainly used to display the products for sale.

kids' toy cart

The kiosk has a display cabinet that showcases a variety of toys, including action figures, dolls, puzzles, board games, and more. The cabinet is strategically at the front of the retail kiosk, making it easy for shoppers to see and access the toys. The display cabinet is well-lit, making the toys stand out and catch the attention of shoppers passing by.

In addition to the display cabinet, the engraving kiosk features a slat wall that allows for hanging toys on hooks. The slat wall provides plenty of space to display a range of toys. And shoppers can easily browse through the collection. The slat wall is also adjustable, allowing for easy customization as per the type of toys on display.

Production photos

mall retail kiosk

Overall, the kids’ toy kiosk is a great addition to any retail store looking to enhance the shopping experience for kids. The kiosk is eye-catching, interactive, and functional. Making it a top pick for any retailer looking to attract parents and their little ones.

Install effect at the mall

toy kiosk