The bubble tea kiosk is good to sell bubble tea, green tea, milkshake, and frozen yogurt. Everyone likes bubble tea because of its special taste and can make people feel happy. Today, I want to share a classic and popular bubble tea kiosk design with you. It’s popular in the USA, Canada, and the UK. We can make it fit your business.

bubble tea kiosk

Unique bubble tea kiosk design

We mainly use a purple, pink, and white color surface with colorful round decorations on the counter. It looks vivid and creative, attracts the eyes’ attention, and promotes the brand themes. Merchants can place it in large locations and corner area that suits the space well.

bubble tea counter

It looks like an L shape with a back image wall. We can see the side counter has a reception counter with a menu, clients can select their favorite bubble tea styles and pay bills. There is bubble tea cup decoration at 3 corners of the smoothie kiosk, that vividly shows your business to people and appeals to them to drink. The long counter uses as a display and working area, a topping counter with a glass showcase, and a machine set on the counter to remind people of the business. Water sinks sets here for daily water supply and to keep the kiosk clean. Merchants can send us machine lists with sizes, so we can reserve enough space for them.

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tea counter

Produce work

bubble tea booth

We use MDF as the basic material, surface treatment is baking paint to get a smooth and high-level shop theme. Purple flooring light makes people notice you in the shopping mall. We can also insert a TV player on the back wall for advertising. If you have any questions about the tea kiosk design, please kindly let me know. We are willing to share more information with you.