A cotton candy kiosk is a good place to sell candy, cloudy candy, sweet food, lollipop, and dessert. Whenever you plan to start with a candy kiosk, candy shop, or retail booth, this candy kiosk is a great choice for you. Businessmen can choose a unique and attractive candy kiosk to start a business and hope to attract more consumers and promote business. Here is a nice candy kiosk sharing with you.

candy store

Description of candy kiosk

This candy kiosk is more like an entertainment shop with decorations. It looks lovely and vividly expresses your business to clients. The primary color is blue combined with pink and white color, has a creative and eye-catching shop theme. Materials include MDF with baking paint finishes, metal tube support, LED light lamp, acrylic logo, etc.

candy booth

We can see there are display counters on 3 sides, which is good for presenting candies, gelato, and sweets for sale. There is wheel decoration on the counter body to make it look good and leave poeple deep impression. It’s necessary to reserve enough space for machines, which helps improve work efficiency and can also make the cabinet look good.

Candy counter

There is a round-shaped corner with a lollipop and cartoon character decoration, which can be used at photo-taking booths. Clients can have fun and take photos freely. While the floor is a large round candy with a blue edge and light bulbs. It attracts the eye’s attention and makes your cotton candy kiosk outstanding.

Candy shop

There is a spiral staircase to the second floor at the backside. Merchants can set dining tables and chairs there. So that poeple can enjoy food and have a rest. We can also use water drop shape decoration with sweet candy properly, which looks very special. The brand signage and bulb light surround it to increase the glow and enhance the shop theme. If you are ready to start a business with a candy kiosk, contact us and get more good ideas.

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