Do you want a nice glass kiosk to earn money? A beautiful glass kiosk is useful for selling perfumes, skin care products, boutiques, and retail items. If you plan to start a business in a shopping mall, supermarket, or airport, this modern kiosk is a good option. Let’s view more details information together.

Glass kiosk

Custom glass kiosk design

This glass kiosk combines black, yellow, red, and blue colors, and looks very special and attractive. It suits an area of 15ft by 10ft and includes a glass cabinet, stairs display counter, storage cabinet, menu and advertising, etc. We can also attach a brand logo and TV player to remind people of your business. Primary material includes MDF with glossy baking paint finishes. Other materials include 8mm tempered glass, LED light lamps, stainless steel, etc.

retail kiosk

Layout plan

We can see the front side has a glass display cabinet with 2 layer glass shelving, which is good for displaying retail items to clients. There is a light blue light on the top of the cabinet to attracts people. In the middle is a red reception counter with drawers, we can put a cash register for checking bills. Both the left and right-hand side has glass cabinets and storage cabinets. Merchants can attach stickers or display panels with velcro. It’s good to help people choose their favorite patterns. The tower display stands and the entrance door is set in the middle. View perfume kiosk design

fragrant kiosk

There are individual glass stands in the middle in different colors, which highly matches the kiosk theme, it is also good to show items in a good way. Besides, the back side counter has a stairs display counter, which shows the items in a good way. Behind is a display counter with a storage cabinet. It is good to put necessary items for better usage. Whenever you plan to open a retail kiosk, contact us and get more good options.

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