Perfume kiosk

People are very demanding of beauty and personal image. We all want to go out delicately every day. We not only need delicate makeup but also need a very good smell on our bodies to show our personal taste. Therefore, many shopping malls and shopping centers are now building a variety of designs of perfume kiosk display cases. Perfume kiosks that want to stand out must have a good style display, in order to win the appearance of customers.


Perfume kiosk layout

The layout of this perfume pavilion is very clear. You can see two L-shaped perfume display counters on the front. One side of the front displays the logo design of the store, above which is the display of acrylic. The counter is designed with a luminous style so that customers can see the front desk design is very attractive. The difference on the opposite side is the location of a cash register. Where can the customer pay the bill? And right in front of him is a 1.8m high electronic poster light box painting.


Customized service

Size: 3×4 m

Color: White + wood grain (or your preferred color)

Surface: Solid wood panel, wood laminate

Materials: plywood and solid wood panels, wood laminate, stone countertops

Kick: stainless steel

Custom: LED lights, light box paintings, posters


We are a custom factory, we have ten years of production experience. If you are also interested in the perfume kiosk, you can contact us directly to discuss the design details. Or if you want to get more styles, you can also directly ask for them from our customer service, which is OK. We can design all the styles you want for you. Usually, we will also do the design of the store. If you also need to design the store, you can also contact us.