Creative Popcorn kiosk

In addition, creative popcorn kiosks are attracting the attention of consumers. Look at this place that looks like a small train pulling a load of popcorn to the crowd. This popcorn kiosk is made up of a big train and a small train. Children and adults will very interested to see such an interesting train. I’ll show you the details of this little train popcorn.

popcorn kiosk

Popcorn kiosk Layout

The popcorn cart has two movable wheels on the front of each train and a locomotive on the front. The large popcorn display cabinet is a machine with popcorn on the table and a cash register next door. At the same time, there is a display of popcorn packaging boxes and utensils, and next to it is a small display rack. Small popcorn display stands above is design relatively small popcorn display.

popcorn kiosk

Popcorn booth details

Popcorn made of MDF as a base material and coated with baking paint. The popcorn kiosk measures 3×8 feet, or we can customize it to your size. We are a custom factory, if you want a new design, you can tell us your requirements, and we can make a new 3D design for you.

The last if you want to order: first you need to tell us the size you want, and we will design for you to fit your size popcorn cart, design costs 300 dollars and the design usually takes 3 to 5 days. You can tell us which port is nearest to you and we can tell you how long the shipping time will be.

popcorn kiosk