Do you like popcorn? Most people like to eat popcorn while watching a movie and relax with friends. It’s a good idea to open a popcorn kiosk in the mall. I am sure you will have a great business. Here is a nice popcorn kiosk sharing with you

popcorn kiosk

Description of popcorn kiosk

The primary color of the popcorn kiosk is black with pink sticker decoration, looks very luxurious and attractive. We can see there are three glass display cabinets on each side. It seems like chat interface messages, and the content is popcorn products, which is very creative. The candy kiosk has two cashiers at the front for better orders and picks up. The corner has a tall brand logo stand with TV players and posters. At the same time, the back counter has the equipment to produce popcorn for sale. The tall wall is higher than the working counter, allowing to attach the brand logo to reach the public. The right side has an entrance door for workers to enter.

popcorn kiosk

Material information

The primary material of a corn kiosk is MDF; it can make a unique counter style and has excellent effects. The surface treatment is baking paint; we can also use metal for a high-end shop effect. 8mm tempered glass and a black metal frame comprise the glass showcases. Stainless steel kicking, acrylic logo, and decoration are essential for a sweet kiosk booth.

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popcorn kiosk

Production steps

For a customized food kiosk, we should first confirm all the details. It’s necessary to make a 3D design; it helps to view both inside and outside looks. Then produce a popcorn booth according to the technical drawing. That’s to make sure the kiosk meets your demands. If you are looking for a helpful popcorn kiosk, send us an inquiry.