Are you looking for unique bubble tea shop furniture? Bubble tea shops, ice cream shops, and coffee shops become popular. They provide consumers with a relaxed and warm welcome feeling. People can get rid of life and work stress here, by meeting with friends, … Whenever you start a bubble tea business, don’t forget to purchase nice and luxury shop furniture. It’s necessary to make shop designs to review and decide on better solutions.

bubble tea shop design

Unique bubble tea shop design

As we can see in the bubble tea shop design, it includes display counters, tables, sofas, wall-mounted cabinets, and brand signage. The shop owner can purchase the ideal colors, which match the brand concept and highlight the business. The primary color is white combined with a yellow logo. Material includes MDF with the baking paint surface, stainless steel kicking and LED light lamp, acrylic logo, etc.

bubble tea shop furniture

The food counter has a large curved counter with a topping facing the entrance door. Clients can see the ingredients once enter your shop. Next to it is a reception counter with a brand logo, consumers can order here. Glass display and pick up counter set aside to is convenient to use. We can also add a water sink for washing.

bubble tea counter

There is a long display counter behind with underneath space for equipment. It increases work space and can also protect the machine well. There are oval wall-mounted cabinets with 2 layers of shelving. Each shelving has an LED light lamp to increase the brighten. Don’t forget to add a dining table, chairs, and sofa properly. Wall decorations are also very important to get an overall shop effect. Click here and view the tea kiosk design

Produce and real shop effect

bubble tea cabinet

Bubble tea shop furniture

We can see the display counters effect at our factory, and how the owner uses it. Whenever you have new ideas, contact us and get more good ideas. View more bubble tea shop design options