Do you need a wonderful food kiosk to enhance your business? A custom food kiosk is good for selling all kinds of snacks and drinks. Today, I want to share a special mall kiosk with you, It’s good to sell drinks, cups, and desserts. With a size of 3m by 3m, this booth is designed to capture attention and attract customers with its enticing display of cups and snacks. Let’s view more details soon.

cup kiosk

Dessert kiosk layout

The front counter of the dessert kiosk has glass displays, allowing customers to see the wide variety of cups and snacks available. It encourages customers to purchase. The middle counter serves as a billing station, making it convenient for customers to pay for their orders.

We can see there are unique brown stands with shelves at two corners. These shelves provide an additional showcase area, you can place products here to attract clients. The right-hand counter is specifically designed to showcase cakes and ready-to-eat food items, enticing customers with their delicious appearance.

retail kiosk

The left-hand counter of the fast food kiosk is a dining table, complete with chairs. This creates a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Customers can sit down, relax, and enjoy their desserts or drinks. It enhances customer experience and increases the likelihood of repeat visits.

Workspace with equipment at the back side, employees can prepare your desserts and drinks efficiently. This ensures smooth operations and prompt service, enhancing customer satisfaction. Besides, you can put up posters on the back wall to remind people of your business. Promoting brand awareness and increasing customer retention.

food kiosk

The roof is to hang ceiling lights, providing ample illumination for your products. We can also add the brand logo on the roof, making it easily visible from a distance and attracting potential customers. Whenever you planning to open a dessert kiosk, Mall-Kiosk will provide a high-end food kiosk for you.