Drinks and wines become more and more popular because they can help people get rid of life and work stress. It’s never too late to start a wine bar. However, choose a unique and special wine bar counter. With colorful LED light decoration, it reminds poeple of your business, and will also create a charming shop theme. Here is a nice wine bar counter sharing with you.

Wine bar counter

Introduction of drinks kiosk option

This drinks kiosk uses artificial green plant decoration along with a green light inside the counter. It gives poeple a feeling of being close to nature and better shows the Fruit Vitals Bar theme. The primary material is solid wood along with a stone countertop, it is highly matches the shop and very durable to use.

Wine kiosk

Layout information

We can see there is a bar counter in the front with chairs. The bamboos are on the counter front. And the light shines through the gaps between the bamboo to create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

Consumers can sit down and enjoy their drinks. Neon light signage and decorations make the wine eye-catching at night. While Inner has a lower working countertop, bartenders can work and serve guests. Check the beverage kiosk design option

fruit juice kiosk

We can see the back side counter has a large brand image wall with wall shelving on both sides to hang cups. The center has a large brand name with an artificial grass background. Wines are set on the counter table and can also be hung on the shelving for display and convenient work. We can also add retro elements and nostalgic interest, such as wooden wine barrels and boxes. View more option about juice kiosk if you are in need.

No matter when you plan to start a wine bar or drinks kiosk, don’t forget to contact us now. Our professional team will come up good design solution for you.