Do you plan to open a gelato kiosk in the shopping mall? Selling ice cream, gelato, smoothies, milkshakes, and even frozen yogurt at the mall is a much better idea. A business person can custom-make gelato kiosks for business. It is used to enhance your shop theme and open an ice cream shop soon. Below is a colorfully eye-catching gelato kiosk sharing with you.

gelato kiosk

Introduction of gelato kiosk

This gelato kiosk size is 3m by 3m, and the primary color is green and white with colorful surface decoration. We mainly use MDF with shiny baking paint to build the ice cream kiosk. Colorful stickers on the top attract people’s attention. Other materials include stainless steel kicking, an artificial stone countertop, frosted glass, and hardware. They make the ice cream counter durable to use.

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ice cream kiosk

The layout of the smoothie kiosk

This smoothie kiosk has two large ice cream display machines at the front counter. We make it in a curved style, which looks very attractive and outstanding. The back counter has working counters and space for a refrigerator. There is frosted glass on the countertop, and it is used to protect the working area. People won’t see inside clearly and can meet mall management requirements. We can also set a brand logo with light box painting for advertising. Merchants can add a seating table with chairs facing the public so consumers can enjoy the food there. Don’t forget to add the reception counter here to check bills.

gelato kiosk

Production photo

Our workers first produce the ice cream kiosk step by step. We first prepare raw materials. So it takes several days because some materials need customizing in advance. Then we will cut wooden panels into pieces according to each counter size. Woodworkers assemble them into the wood counter bodies, and we can see the structures. The next step is to make surface treatment, and people can view the final wooden kiosk effects directly. Finally, we will install the light, cabinet doors, shelving, logo, and posters. Therefore, the owner can use it after connecting the electrical box.

gelato kiosk