Are you looking for a nice jewelry kiosk in the shopping mall? The jewelry kiosk is good for showing all kinds of jewelry, diamonds, golden rings, and bracelets. A useful and outstanding jewelry booth leaves a deep impression on poeple and shows items in a good way. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry kiosk with you.

jewelry kiosk

Introduction of a jewelry kiosk

The main jewelry kiosk theme is a pink color with a golden metal frame. We can add warm yellow light to create a fantastic shop theme. It is also a good method to show golden jewelry products to clients. The big roof has a brand logo in the middle with stainless steel decorating frames. Spotlights attach to the ceiling to increase light, light is very important for jewelry shops.

jewelry counter

The layout of a jewelry shop

This jewelry kiosk is suitable for large locations size around 4m by 4m. It has a glass display showcase with a golden metal base on 4 sides. Consumers can view and purchase products properly. The brand name is put on the counter body to help people remember your brand theme well. While the 4 corners are used as window displays to show sets of jewelry. It is also used as a column to support the whole big roof. We can also put up advertising posters in the column to remind clients of new items and your business. View watch kiosk designs

jewelry showcase

When entering the jewelry shop, it has a golden tower stand in the center. We can add big posters with brand names here as a feature wall. Near it is a round glass take with a silver base with chairs. Clients can sit down here to express what they want with employees.

jewelry counter

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