When you feel very Thirsty?Many people are always looking for a glass of water at this time!But in hot summer,now if can have a cup of juice will be a good choice.Drinking a glass of juice every day can not only promote digestion, but also supplement many nutrients needed in the body.Juice is very good for health, it can helps enhance immunity, reduce illness and delay aging.So many people especially girls will prefer to have a cup of juice every day.So more and more juice shops and juice bar kiosk are opening.If you ready to start a business,can try a juice bar kiosk.

Juice kiosk layout

The fruit juice kiosk has a clear layout and high space utilization.

First of all, in front of our fruit kiosk is the cashier, you can put the menu and abrasive samples next to it. In the middle of the booth is a place for the staff to carry out activities, enough for 1-2 people.

Second, on the back are storage cabinets and operating counters with pools, where you can store goods and display equipment.

Finally, our store is flanked by a waiting area for customers and a refrigerator that can be used to display materials.

Product Details


Material:MDF.tempered glass, LED lamp, and other specific materials.

Size: according to customers’ requirement.

Color: any color for juice kiosk are available

Light: Usually the light box with your own logo,poster,etc.

Surface Finishing: lamination

(2)Toe kick:
4″—6″ height hard wood toe kick, B1 standard, treated with stainless steel edge

To be hard, durable, high quality and water resistant for protect the frozen yogurt kiosk.
(3)Electric System:
Lighting device, multi-function sockets, switches, leakage protector and external cables available

Custom Service

This is just one example of a juicekiosk, you can contact us if you think it would be a good idea for your start-up. Or if you have more ideas for the gift kiosk, you can tell us what you think. Shop style, color, material selection, style changes, location placement and so on can be customized. We are a custom factory with many years of experience, please feel free to contact us.