Are you looking for an outstanding juice kiosk for business? Making a nice juice kiosk design helps attract clients and promote the brand concept. Today, I want to introduce a nice juice kiosk to you. A vibrant and eye-catching addition to any shopping mall. Let’s view more information together.

Introduction of juice kiosk

This orange-colored kiosk size at 3 meters by 3 meters. A compact yet spacious space for customers to enjoy fresh fruit juices. The front counter has a V-style display counter, creating a visually appealing focal point. There are two glass cabinets with shelving on the side. This setup allows for the attractive display of various fruits and ingredients used in the juices. Customers will be enticed by the colorful array of options available.

On the left-hand side of the juice kiosk is a designated dining area with bar chairs. This provides customers with a comfortable and convenient place to enjoy their refreshing beverages. The right-hand side is equipped with glass display machines. Showcasing and storing the freshly made juices. This makes it easy for customers to see the available options and make their selections.

The back side of the beverage kiosk is a kitchen room. Complete with storage cabinets, a water wink, and wall cabinets for better organization and functionality. To enhance the overall ambiance, the big roof ceiling has lights, providing a bright and inviting atmosphere. Besides, the brand name attracts people’s attention and creates a memorable impression. The logos and posters are also crucial in communicating the brand message and enticing customers.

In conclusion, the juice bar kiosk is a must-have for any mall looking to offer a refreshing and healthy option to its customers. With its visually appealing design, and functional layout. And attention to detail, this kiosk is sure to attract a steady stream of customers eager to indulge in fresh fruit juices.