Everyone likes the drinks kiosk because it provides all kinds of delicious drinks. It’s a great idea to open nice drinks kiosks to earn money. Whenever you plan to start with a drinks kiosk in the shopping mall or exhibition room, don’t miss this bear kiosk. Let’s view more details together.

Drink cabinet

Description of drinks Kiosk

This drinks kiosk is in green color and highly matches the products and your shop theme. The front side has a long service counter in the middle. The brand name and signage are attached to the front, while the bottom has “150 YEARS” with LED light brightening it. Poeple will have a deep impression of your company concept.

Drinks counter

There are glass display cabinets on both sides. It has an angle towards the guests, so that poeple can notice your products. And won’t affect purchase and entry into the kiosk booth. There are multiple layers to show bears with LED light lamps surrounding the 4 edges. The top has lightbox posters as advertising.

Drink booth

Behind is a feature wall and a separate room. Which is good for clients to sit down to consultant cooperation. While the separate room has a sofa, TV player, and cabinets, gives people a feeling that you attach great importance to this cooperation.

Drink booth

The top ceiling has green decorations and a net at 4 sides to attach brand signage. That allows clients to view and notice your drinks kiosk, also makes your shop outstanding. Whenever you need a beverage kiosk, contact us for more details.

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