This is a juice kiosk used at the mall. This kiosk was designed for Simon Mall and we can see that the kiosk looks very advanced. Its kiosk has several juicers, a refrigerator, a food display, two cash registers, and a dessert freezer. We can supply this equipment according to your business needs.

juice kiosk


Bright spot

1. The table surface of this juice kiosk is covered with a marble edge, which looks very textured. Moreover, the marble material is very smooth and flat, which is very convenient for cleaning.
2. We can see that there are four column light boxes in this juice kiosk, each of which has a different design. The lightbox can decorate with food patterns, menus, and slogans.
3. Rest areas can attract more customers. Because of the lack of rest areas in shopping malls, many customers prefer to find places with rest areas. Clients can sit and enjoy their food
4. Food display cabinet. We can see a rectangular toughened glass display cabinet on this juice kiosk. This display case can keep the food fresh but also can display a lot of food at the same time, such as cakes, desserts, and so on.


The base material is plywood with wood grain fireboard. In order to make this kiosk more beautiful, we still use marble as the surface material of the counter. In addition, at the bottom of the cabinet are stainless steel kickers, which can protect the bottom of the kiosk while complying with the mall’s audit requirements. Other materials: toughened glass baffles, locks, hardware fittings, stools, acrylic logo, and so on

Other information

Size: 3*5M
Color: Green and white
Design fee: $300
Design time: 2-3 working days
Mode of transport: air, sea, land transport. You can choose according to your needs
Packing: We’ll use wooden cases for packing